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Out Now! Burn It Up

Burn It Up is now available, in both paperback and ebook! This is Desert Dogs book three, featuring foul-mouthed con man Casey and God-fearing good girl Abilene's romance, as well as more danger and intrigue in the Nevada badlands.

While you don't need to have read the first two books to enjoy this love story, the series is pretty plot-intensive, so I'd recommend it all the same.

Head to my Books page to find buy links and the official blurb, or read a nice long excerpt here. You can also find Burn It Up in the wild, in bookstores and most major retailers.

"A wonderfully refreshing addition to the series." — RT Book Reviews

"McKenna creates flawed yet relatable characters, and her plotting is deft. Readers will look forward to spending more time in Fortuity." —Publishers Weekly

"A slow burn of a romance, McKenna draws on the heartstrings with this emotionally stirring novel. Straddling the line between romantic suspense and contemporary romance…I definitely think it is worth the read even if you don't find biker books appealing." —Fresh Fiction

Out now! Badger

Badger is now available! First things first—this isn't a romance. And though it features explicit and kinky sex, it's not really erotica, either. It's literary fiction, a neo-noir novel with a recovering pill-addict anti-heroine and a mentally unstable vigilante anti-hero. I guess you could say it's a love story of sorts, but a dark and twisted one.

New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart calls it "twisted," and "like a bruise you can't stop pressing because the pain feels so good."

Badger is published by Brain Mill Press under the name C.M. McKenna, and is now available as an ebook and trade paperback via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and elsewhere! For more details, check out Brain Mill's Badger page. You can also read the blurb on my Books page, sample an excerpt, or add it on Goodreads.

Out now! Crosstown Crush

The first book in my new Sins in the City series with Signet Eclipse is now available in both print and ebook! Crosstown Crush is about a daring married couple testing the bounds of their vows as they explore the husband's scandalous kink.

Romantic Times says, "McKenna has already proven she is willing to push the envelope and challenge readers, and this deliciously kinky opening of her new series offers fans everything they have come to love in her books. ★★★★." And Publishers Weekly says, "McKenna satisfies the reader with scene after gloriously filthy scene of detailed play-by-plays and dirty talk, while also giving a real sense of the appeal of the cuckold dynamic for all parties."

You can find Crosstown Crush at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and elsewhere! You can also read the blurb on my Books page, sample an excerpt, or add it on Goodreads.

Hard Time now available in print!

My inmate / librarian erotic romance, Hard Time, is now available in print! Piatkus optioned the UK rights and has released it in paperback. Head to my Books page for where to find it.

Out Now! Drive It Deep

Drive It Deep is now available! It's a special, digital-only Desert Dogs prequel novella (about half as long as the full-length books). This story doesn't affect the present-day suspense plot, so you don't need to have read Lay It Down and Give It All, necessarily.

Drive It Deep is a sort of bonus for all you nosy voyeurs who've been asking me for the dirty details of Raina and Miah's thorny bygone romance. It takes place two summers back, and basically lets you in on everything that went so right—and then so wrong—between those two. Lots of high-octane sex in the badlands, basically, and it's not a spoiler to warn you that there's no happily-ever-after for those kids. If you're a reader who needs an HEA, I might suggest you give it a miss. But yes, I promise that Miah will get exactly what he deserves by the time the series wraps. You know I had to save the crown prince of Fortuity for last, people.

Buy it now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and elsewhere. You can read the first chapter here, or try this little taste:

Goddamn, no woman had ever done this to Miah before. Not like this. Not from sex, let alone kissing. All those things that got him so hot in a new relationship were gathering deep and low in his body. Possession, and familiarity. He knew her, better than any other woman he’d done this with. And he wanted her all to himself. Wanted to be hers, and to call her his in return. Wanted to make her feel all these things with his body.

     He held her head, slid his other palm down her back and pulled her close—close enough to register exactly how hard he was when her flat belly pressed along his fly. He groaned against her lips as her pawing hands stroked his arms, his chest, his face.

     Suddenly, big as it was, the barroom was too tight. Not intimate—just crowded, even in its emptiness, the high ceiling looming much too close. Miah’s claustrophobia always got worse the hotter his body ran. Normally that meant he was frustrated or overheated from physical labor, but just now it was from pure lust. He needed the open air, and the black sky, and a million stars above them, night chill be damned.

     “Come outside,” he murmured, gathering her hair in his hands, aching to bury his nose behind her ear and breathe her in, get drunk off her. Feel her skin against his palms and her nails on his back, hear her voice saying his name as he drove his body into hers, again and again. Fucking crazy.

     “What for?” she asked, but her sharp smile said she knew exactly what for.

     “For whatever’s supposed to happen between us next.”

     She stroked his cheek, dragged her thumb across his lower lip. He caught it in his mouth and drew it deep. That parted her own lips, and dropped her lids low. Low, like the blood flowing south to leave Miah’s cock heavy and hot and hurting.

     “Outside?” she echoed.

     “Outside. Now.” And if he didn’t goddamn get inside her tonight, he was going to lose his ever-loving mind. ◇

Holy crap, I'm a RITA Finalist!

I'm very, very happy to announce that Her Best Laid Plans (published by Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin) is a finalist in the 2015 RITA® contest, in the Romance Novella category! If you don't know, the RITAs are sort of like the Academy Awards for romance novels—an annual peer-judged contest organized by the Romance Writers of America®. It's all very thrilling and flattering and unexpected!

The winners will be announced at the RWA National Conference on July 25th in New York City. Sadly, I won't be at the ceremony as I'm due to give birth that week, but I'm so, so excited and honored. So many thanks to my editor, Malle Vallik, and my agent, Laura Bradford, and to all the judges, and to RWA, and of course to my lovely readers for all the support. Now, to eat some leftover cake!