Crosstown Crush

Sins in the City #1


When he’s working, Mike Heyer is all business—every inch the alpha male, with the hard, capable body to back up his persona. But at home he can be a different man entirely, harboring appetites only his wife gets to glimpse…

When Samira first learned of her husband’s fantasies, she was reluctant, even alarmed. But after witnessing the way they set him on fire, she yielded, and happily indulged. As their games have intensified, so has the rush. And now so has the risk—they’re poised to take Mike’s indecent desires to the next level, by opening their bed to a sexy, brazen stranger. A man seeming custom-made to grant every last one of Mike and Samira’s sinful wishes.

Welcoming someone new into their lives was always a dangerous proposition, but the couple imagined if anything was at stake, it was their privacy…not their hearts.


"Cara McKenna writes about kink, sex and emotion with intricacy and intimacy. I can’t get enough!"
—Molly O'Keefe, author of Everything I Left Unsaid

"McKenna has already proven she is willing to push the envelope and challenge readers, and this deliciously kinky opening of her new series offers fans everything they have come to love in her books. ★★★★"
RT Book Reviews

"McKenna satisfies the reader with scene after gloriously filthy scene of detailed play-by-plays and dirty talk, while also giving a real sense of the appeal of the cuckold dynamic for all parties."
—Publishers Weekly