Downtown Devil

Sins in the City #2


From the author of Crosstown Crush comes the second sexy novel in the trilogy that explores the illicit pleasures of ménage à trois.

At the edge of thirty, Clare is feeling restless. Even though she’s gainfully employed and pursuing her passion for photography, she can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing. Then she meets Mica. A perfect subject for her portrait exhibit, Mica is sexy, exciting, and everything Clare desires.

One night with the charismatic stranger is all it takes to leave her craving more. But the intensity Mica brings isn’t confined to the bedroom, and Clare wonders if this summer fling might turn more adventurous than she anticipated—especially as a curious energy starts to simmer between the two of them and Mica’s handsome roommate, Vaughn.

As the three-way tension mounts, Mica makes a sinful proposal. It’s an invitation Clare can’t pass up, and an erotic encounter she’ll never be able to forget. Caught up between two irresistible men, Clare is about to get all the excitement she’s been looking for—and then some....


Starred review! "Mixed-race millennials approach first-date sex, surprise threesomes, dirty talk, and male bisexuality with an unjaded, wide-eyed excitement and focused intensity that’s so hot it sets fire to the pages. There’s plenty here for the reader who just wants to enjoy hot encounters, but there’s also an encouraging message for readers on the dating scene: indulging in moments of wild exploration won’t ruin your chances for a solid, monogamous relationship down the line."
—Publishers Weekly

"Sometimes in romance, much as we love it for the escape, it feels a little too good to be true. As wonderful a fantasy a romantic hero gives, there are real, three-dimensional, perfectly likable men I’ve encountered that I’ve never quite seen translated to the page. Finally, in Cara McKenna’s Downtown Devil, Mica is that man. And that makes for a McKenna story like we’re used to—unexpected, unpredictable, and unforgettable."
—Heroes and Heartbreakers

A Desert Island Keeper! "McKenna balances the romance between three people with strong characterizations and plenty of sizzle."
—All About Romance