Ride It Out

Desert Dogs #4


There’s a new deputy in town, and she’s a law unto herself.

Jeremiah Church is still aching for justice to be served after his father’s murder. Though the killer has been caught, the authorities are no closer to knowing why the Churches were targeted—and if the family’s still at risk. When Miah receives an anonymous letter hinting at a darker conspiracy, he decides it's high time he seeks justice on his own terms, with the help of his fellow Desert Dogs.

Patrol Deputy Nicki Ritchey is new to Fortuity, and hoping to make a clean start for her and her son. Involved in the Church’s case, she's kindled a friendship with Miah that's evolving into something more. But Miah is crossing lines with his personal vendetta, and Nicki’s attraction is making it tough to tell right from wrong…


"A well crafted, smart and sexy contemporary romance. This was a long-awaited but fitting end to a great romance suspense/crime series which I enjoyed a lot."
—Ellie Reads

"Ride It Out is a sexy, dramatic conclusion to a unique contemporary romance series."
—Straight Shootin' Reviews

"Ride It Out is a story of love and loss; desperation and greed; family and friendship; second chances and moving forward. The premise is intriguing and energetic; the characters are colorful and dynamic; the romance is passionate and uplifting. The epilogue fast forwards the series approximately two years where we get a glimpse into the future."
—The Reading Café

"★★★★½ This is one of my favorite romantic suspense series done by one of my favorite authors. I had high expectations for this book and I pleased that they were met. The writing was excellent and the plot unfolded perfectly."
—Night Owl Reviews

"A solid and satisfying end to the Desert Dogs series. Cara McKenna writes beautifully sensual and compelling stories, and Ride It Out was no exception!"
—Waves of Fiction