Strange Love


Five remastered erotic novellas that blur the line between desire and deviance.

Ruin Me follows Robin, torn between the boyfriend she loves and a crippling infatuation with the man who saved her life.

Dirty Thirty documents Evan’s darkest fantasy made real, the night his wife orchestrates a threesome for them with another man.

Brazen is the tale of divorcée Caroline, whose harem of obedient young men is disrupted by the arrival of a troublesome new rule-breaker.

Don’t Call Her Angel takes you inside the bedroom of Emily and Rasul, a married couple whose misleading façade is about to blow one very lucky man’s mind.

Ready and Willing tells the story of Abby, whose scandalous scheme to conceive the old-fashioned way takes a complicating and carnal turn.


"I’m firmly…of the belief that truly arousing sex is all about breaking through emotional barriers. It’s not hot unless it’s breaking a character’s own taboos, unless it’s threatening their emotional existence, moving them forward somehow. [McKenna does] that brilliantly here."
—Dear Author on Brazen

"Sexy and unusual and well worth my time. If you're after something short, different and hot, look no further."
—Kaetrin's Musings on Ready and Willing

"If you want a story with interesting characters, fun witty dialog, and curl your toes sex, then this is a must read."
—Seriously Reviewed on Dirty Thirty

"The emotional depth of the characters made it a gripping story. I was so invested in them, wondering how the experience would affect them and how their story would end. […] I would highly recommend Don't Call Her Angel, especially if you love D/s or menage themes. ★★★★½"
—The Forbidden Bookshelf on Don't Call Her Angel

"A different story from the norm, and well worth your attention."
—Night Owl Reviews on Ruin Me